S|F Editorial - Tribe + Glory

We met Loren and Caragh at a jewellery fair in London.  We were immediately drawn to the story and ideas of these brilliant young ladies who had not only built a brand with such a strong identity but also a clear vision of how they could play their part in empowering women in remote areas of Uganda.  Their mission, vision and style won us over and there was no way we were going to launch S|F without them onboard.  We are immensely proud to be able to offer Tribe + Glory jewellery at S|F and hope you will support their efforts by joining the Tribe !

The Tribe & Glory Mission

Tribe + Glory empowers and activates female entrepreneurs to achieve self sustainability through relationship, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. Tribe + Glory's training model empowers women to with the necessary skills and capital to create from themselves a sustainable income above the poverty line  thereby equipping women with necessary skills to achieve their dreams and become agents of transformation in their community.

The Jewellery

Each one to the products is made from locally sourced, recycled materials.  T + G believe in supporting local industries and through purchasing all the Ankole cattle horn and bass from the region, T + G are able to empower local producers. In addition to local producers T + G are committed to supporting local workers in all aspects of operations, from construction to craftsmanship training.